Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Irish pub in the midwest....

In honor of the first post for the Foodie section of this blog, I asked the husband to take me somewhere I'd never been.
He chose McNellie's, an Irish pub at 1st & Elgin, for all you fellow T-Towners.
If you've ever been, you know what I mean when I say that just walking up to the place is an experience.

Perhaps it is something about random welding signs and bikes parked alongside the outside walls of a building that get me.
The entire scene suggests that casual every day life just might be going on here.
In addition, a sense of nostalgia for an era that can only be remembered, is felt with each step closer to the establishment.
And this is only the outside of the restaurant.

Upon entering the pub, a plethora of fragrant smells, rich decor, and friendly faces is immediately in abundance.
Even the guests seemed in the genuine spirit of the pub.

Like Matt, who is a member of the City of Tulsa Pipes & Drums and who willingly agreed to have his picture taken for this post. He also invited me to a picnic this Saturday at Zink park where I can get more than my fair share of men in kilts.
Ummm, yes.
As long as I can bring my camera, Matt?

Not to mention the fish and chips that made my taste buds sing.
And the cajun meatloaf that lit them up ever so slightly.
It was Irish heaven on about three different plates.

So when you try out McNellie's on 1st & Elgin,
or the one in OKC, or Norman,
 remember to do the following:

Come hungry.
Be prepared to make new friends.
And see if you can spot the best waitress in the world.
Her name is Christine and I convinced her to let me take her picture near the rich wooden staircase that centerpieces the pub beautifully.

Tell me you don't want to go see that smile sometime this weekend.

Thank you  for an amazing meal, McNellie's and for an authentic Irish pub experience.
Thank you, Christine, for the prompt and friendly service. And for reminding me to eat my veggies.
And, thank you, Matt, for inviting me to a picnic only moments after we'd met.
I just love picnics.
And I'll be looking for you and your kilt!


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